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Roost Food Truck
Roost Food Truck

Mr. Sundae Ottawa TruckWhen the opportunity to buy an ice cream truck came up in 2014, we thought to ourselves, “Hey that sounds like fun! We can do that!” Boy were we wrong, fun is not the right word, it’s been an AWESOME adventure!

We jumped in, worked hard, and started making a name for ourselves based on our dedication to customer service and the quality products we offer. Demand grew, and we couldn’t keep up with just one truck; in 2019 we added a second truck to our fleet.

As we push to diversify our menu and offer premium products, we are also trying to do our part for the environment. We have started using paper straws, are moving away from plastic cups, and are using as many biodegradable PLA plastic products as possible. We want to make a lasting impression on the food truck industry; not a lasting impression on the environment! 

Mr. Sundae is now on a delicious mission in Ottawa and surrounding areas. We are locally owned and operated ice cream trucks out to satisfy your sweet tooth craving with a myriad of frozen treats too good to resist. 

From the richest of soft serve ice creams covered in milk chocolate dip, to a fruity and refreshing Hawaiian shaved ice or our sinfully delicious chocolate covered cheesecake we are sure to please.

Be it for a corporate event, wedding, school event, festival, sporting event, birthday, or community event; Mr. Sundae wants to be a part of your community! 

So why wait? Find Mr. Sundae cruising in Ottawa,  at an event near you, or bring us to your event. Contact us for bookings by emailing

We look forward to serving you!

Brad, Julie, Noah & Emma